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English Program

Development of speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills into a basic level of proficiency of the English Language which teaches 

students to communicate in English and understand the cultural context of the language.  Methods and objectives are primarily oral-aural. 

Oral practice in the language laboratory is required.  This is the first level in a sequence five ESL preparation courses.


Level Test of English language admission requisites.

Class Description

We will develop the skills of speaking, listening, writing and reading to a basic level of proficiency.  In 101, students will learn how

 to describe themselves, their family, and their surroundings.  They will learn to tell time, how to talk about the weather and about food!

Student learning goals:  General Method of Instruction

English 100 classes are taught through an experiential methodology which entails exclusive use of English in the classroom,  

interactive presentations and emphasis on communicative skills.

Classes are highly interactive and students will be expected to participate.

Recommended preparation

Daily attendance is of utmost importance as completion of homework is required.

Class assignment and grading:  well as active participation in class. Timely

Students are assigned exercise in the workbook and lab book.  They are asked to memorize vocabulary, to fill up worksheets 

and to write mini-composition.

Quizzes 25%, Midterm 10%, Final Exam 15%, Interview 10% Participation 15%, Homework.

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